Mission Statement of INVITROM


In vitro models are at the moment insuffiently implemented and used within scientific research. Within this context, in vitro models are defined as a research model that uses cells, cell organelles and tissues that are kept outside a living organism.

Research on in vitro models can offer advantages, because:

  • in vitro research contributes to the 3Rs,
  • these models are directed on the target level, as a result of which a contribution is made to the unravelment of functional mechanisms,
  • in vitro approaches in combination with other test-animal-free methods may lead to new strategies and paradigms
  • these models will improve the extrapolation of results to the human situation, since research on human material is possible.

The development of new models and improvement of existing in vitro models will lead to the replacement of animal tests and will provide us with improved scientific results.


The mission of INVITROM is is the promotion of the development, the application and the acceptance of in vitro models in the biomedical research.


In vitro research is not simple and takes place in several laboratories in the Netherlands and Belgium.
Exchange of information by means of INVITROM will certainly contribute to a faster development of several models, paradigms and strategies.
Moreover, INVITROM promotes the development, acceptance and implementation of these methods, amongst others by stimulating the collaboration between research institutes and industry and by informing regulatory bodies.

In order to achieve these goals, INVITROM uses the following instruments:

  • an Internet site
  • a private e-mail list
  • workshops/symposia
  • working parties.



Peter Olinga – Chairman

An van Rompay – Treasurer

Nynke Kramer – Secretary

Joost Boeckmans – PhD student member

Gerian Prins – PhD student member


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